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Hi there!
I'm Dawn & I am so happy you have joined me here.  The Oils for Orphans WebStore is part of Legacy Living, LLC.  Who wants to live ordinary?  Let’s live LEGACY!!

My mission with Oils for Orphans is to provide safe solutions for personal well-being for families by providing options for personal & household products that fill the gap for those who are avoiding common harmful ingredients.  

Plus, Oils for Orphans advocates for orphans and orphan ministry with education and service opportunities.

You can get started on a healthier lifestyle journey a step at a time starting with the free report, 5 Steps to Healthier Living.
This free report is available when you hop on my email list above or request with the "Contact Me" button,  along with information and tips for healthy living sent to your inbox occasionally with the option to opt out at any time.  

Two ways to order: 
~ Order online as a Retail Member to try one or two new products.

~ OR ~ Dive in and Save as a Wholesale Member when you order one of our value-priced Starter Kits online.

I'm happy to help you set up your initial wholesale account where you'll have your own virtual office portal for future orders.  If you set it up on your own, here's a tip:  Be sure to NOTE and SAVE your Member Number and PIN for future reference :>)

Access to great products is one hurdle that you just got over.  A second is learning best practices and practical applications for use in ways that best benefit you and your family.  I get a report of all new wholesale members and will send your free gift from me, (Contact me to find out exactly what or enjoy the fun surprise!) as well as give you access to our terrific community that you can be a part of so the learning curve will be more of an exciting journey with friends without the overwhelm and confusion.

To your best life!
~ Dawn

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